What are Backlinks in SEO and how to get them

Backlinks in SEO

Today all the work can be done with the help of the internet. For which we have to go to some website. If we need some kind of information, then we search the Internet, then we get that information on some website. And this also increases the visitors to our site. And with the help of Backlinks, we can increase the number of visitors to the website.
So let’s know now What are Backlinks if you also want to use Backlinks for your website, then read this post How To Create Backlinks from beginning to end. Only then you will get complete information about it.

What are Backlinks?

This is the link that takes us through one site to another site. When a link of one webpage is linked with a link to another webpage, it is called Backlink.

Just like there is a website in which a lot of visitors come, if a link to your site is given on it, then the visitors who come to that site also come to your site by clicking on the link of your site. So it is called Backlink.

What are Backlinks in SEO and how to get them

Creating Backlink is very important for all websites. The blog is backlinked to increase rankings in search engines. You have to do Keyword Research properly before creating a backlink.

How to create Backlinks from Facebook

For this, you should have a Facebook account and a page. The way we are telling you is very easy. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Log In Your Facebook Account
    First of all, you have to log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go To Website Static Html App
    After logging in, you have to visit the Static Html App website. This is an online tool that will help you add a new tab to your Facebook page. Through this, you can insert Html Content in a Tab.
  • Add Permission
    It will take permission from you for your Facebook account. After giving permission, you have to select a Facebook page, in which you have to insert Html Content. 
  • Edit Tabs On This Page
    After this, click on Edit Tabs On This Page. 
  • Add a new tab
    After clicking on it, you have to click on the Add A New Tab button. 
  • Enter Tab Details
    In this, you have to fill the new tab details like Tab Name, Image Text, Text Color. After this, click on Add Tab Now. 
  • Received Message
    Now you will receive a success message. And the new Tab will open on Facebook. 
  • Set up tab
    In this, you have to click on Set Up Tab. 
  • Enter Code
    To add Html, you will see a section, here you have to paste the code given below. Link to the site in Red Text and your description in Blue Text. 
  • Save & Publish
    Now after entering everything correctly, click on the Save & Publish button. After doing this, your site has been added to Facebook. And from there you will get a High-Quality Do-Follow Backlink.

What are Do-Follow Backlinks

Whatever links you give on other websites or on your blog posts are Do-Follow Backlinks. This helps in increasing the ranking of your site in search engines. There is no attribute of any kind in Do-Follow Backlinks. All Backlinks Do-Follow.

You can also make No Follow Backlinks by applying No-Follow Tag to them. These are the backlinks that when clicked opens in another window. To create No Follow Backlinks for any other website, use the Rel = “Nofollow” Tag.

What are No-Follow Backlinks

If a website gives you No Follow Links then Search Engine Index does not link that link. This does not help Seo much, it does not pass a link from one website to another. It also does not help in increasing the ranking of your site.
No Follow Links give your profile a completely natural look. If all your links will follow, then your profile link is not natural. If we have to give Do-Follow Backlinks to a website, then use the Rel = “Dofollow” Tag.

How to Create High-Quality Backlinks

There are many ways to create Backlinks for your blog. You can create as many backlinks as you want. But you should create those links from a good quality website only. So follow steps to   make good backlinks for your blog:

  • Best Quality Content
    This is the best way to get a backlink on the blog. You wrote good quality content in your blog that visitors liked. And through those articles, visitors get to learn something. If you write good content then the rank of your website increases on Google Page.
  • Guest Blogging
    Through this, you can create Do-Follow Backlinks by posting a guest on High Authority Blogs. In Guest Blogging, you have to submit your guest post in some good blogs.
    With this, the visitors of that blog will get to know about your blogs and your visitors will also start growing. Guest Blogging will give you good backlinks.
  • Commenting
    Start commenting on the blog related to your blog. This gives you No Follow Backlinks for your blog. And in the blog you are commenting on, do give the URL of your blog. With its help, your website traffic also increases.
  • Join Forums
    To create Backlinks in this way, you have to join the Forum related to your website. You can create Do-Follow Backlinks by adding the URL of the website to the profile of this Forum.
    Now ask your question in the forum and give a link. Visitors should answer him in detail and give links to him. This will create Backlinks, this will help your website increase traffic.
Advantage of creating backlinks in Seo

Whatever your site is about and related sites, if you are getting backlinks, then you get more out of it. Know why Backlinks are important for a site now:

It helps in fast indexing websites and articles in Search Engine. This helps the Search Engine Bots to crawl the links of the website and our post is also a Fast Index.
It also helps to increase the ranking of your site in Search Engine. If you get a backlink from a high-quality site, then if someone searches that site in Search Engine, then along with that your website will also show in Search Engine.
Backlinks help you get Referral Traffic. When a website gives you a backlink, then the visitors of that website also come to your site through that backlink. With which you get Referral Traffic.

I hope you liked this article, If you have any questions in this regard, then you must ask us through comments.

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