What is off page seo | 10 off page optimization techniques

When we write  an article that time On-page SEO works like High Quality content  ,optimize our  keyword to rank on google with proper headings and proper keyword placements  and more on page SEO factors, but off page SEO work after publishing a content thats called external work known as off page SEO.

Today we learn about Off-Page SEO. Before this, I will explain the differences in Off-page SEO & On-page SEO. You should understand all this information,and blogs could get rank on the top first page.

What is SEO? Different Types of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  To understand this, I will try to explain to you in simple language, whatever method you use to bring traffic and visitors to your blog. It is simply called SEO in the language. In other words, to bring high traffic to the blog, we share on social media, promote it. In the same way search engine Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Brings unique visitors from For that, the content has to be SEO. Whatever work is done to bring real unique traffic to the website, it is called Search Engine Optimization.

There is 2 way to do  SEO  of your Website or Blog.on page seo and off page seo so in this blog I will explain off page techniques in seo and below these 2 are important but about on page seo ,I have  already explain in previous article you can read it just click on page seo .

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  • What is on page SEO

I have explained in the previous post that on-page SEO is done inside the post. That is, on-page SEO while writing website post, such as Post Title Heading (H1, H2, H3), URL Structure, Permalink, Meta Description, Internal Linking, External Linking, Paragraph, Keywords, Image ALt Text, Category, Tags, for more information ReadMore

  • What is off page seo

Off-page SEO is optimized in the external public. Such as social media, Guest Post, Form Submission, Commenting, google plus, facebook, Ping, backlink. See below for more information about it-

off page optimization techniques

Search Engine page rank improves by doing off-page SEO optimization of your blog. Many new bloggers and WordPress users write posts, then publish. Some the users don’t do what is off Page SEO, but in reality, off-page SEO is the best way to get a good ranking on Google, it is also necessary to do Off-page SEO. Let’s know, off page seo techniques 2020?

Top 10 off page optimization techniques

  1. Social Media Share (Off-Page SEO improve)
  2. Article Submission To Another Blog
  3. Blog Directories to Submit your Blog on All  Search Engine
  4. Search engine submission your blog
  5. Forum Submission
  6. Through Social Bookmarking Do Off-Page SEO to Viral your Content
  7. Image Submission (Share the blog’s image)
  8. Video submission
  9. Infographic Submission
  10. Document sharing site


  •  Social Media Share (Off-Page SEO improve)

After publishing your blog you have to necessary to share the post on social media. If we do not share any post on the social networking site, then traffic on your site increases very slowly. Off-page is the most important social networking site of SEO.

Social Media like  – Facebook, Twitter, Google-Plus, Youtube, Every blog person should make a page and a group on social media.

SocialMedia Share increases the post boosts and pageviews & Traffic. in fact, users start visiting your blog.

From a social media share, you can build your own brand. There are thousands and crores of people in a social media page group, out of the 500-1000 people, the content goes viral. I am telling the name of most social media to share the post here, using which you can increase 50% traffic on the blog.

  • Article Submission To Another Blog

Some people say blog directory submission is not a good way.

Article Post Submitting to another website does not provide any backlink.

But I say submitting your post to on other website blog makes a big difference. By publishing your article on another website, then directly your website will rank and also grow and traffic will increases & better Pageviews Improvement.

I know that it gives rank results by delay, but it is very beneficial to do so. Those are called guest post. I say you can also bring visitors to your website from other sites by guest posting. Visitors also get to know about our website, which website has published this post. In which the link to your name and website is given inside the post.

  • Blog Directories to Submit your Blog on All  Search Engine

To get unique traffic from google search engine to your website, you must have to submit your website in google webmaster tools. Maybe bing, yahoo must have submitted the blog on search engine directory. But do you know, more blog directory is available besides this? Apart from traffic from a google search engine, traffic is one of the best ways when on your website most of the traffic came from google then your website will grow fast.

I am going to tell you about the top best blog submission website list. In which you can increase blog traffic further by submitting a blog, And you can improve the ranking of your website on google.

Top Blog Submission Directory website List to Get Traffic More









You can submit it to the top best Blog-Directories website. Blogger or WordPress should be submitted in blog directories for both users.

  • Search engine submission your blog

Most of all things in off-page SEO. We all know that a search engine is a webmaster tool. Which your website blog is submitted in google, bing, yahoo / Yandex webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools can increase high traffic on the blog by submitting search console in search console. Because we all know that we search for the solution of every problem from the google search engine. That’s why the blog is submitted to the Google Search Engine.

Traffic does not come only by writing SEO friendly content posts and sharing on social media. Rather the main important work of off-page SEO starts from here. If you want to earn money from the website, then it is important to have organic traffic on your blog. That is, it is also necessary to bring visitors from search engines like google. You do not need to do much. Just submit it on search engine like google, bing, yahoo, Yandex and have to verify. After this, a blog sitemap will have to be added to google webmaster tools.

  • Forum Submission

What is forum submission? The simplest meaning of form submission is a platform. That is to say, to make a connection on another platform, to answer questions, give suggestions, give advice, do community. By which people are attracted to know. Similarly, the website is also a form submission.

There is only so much work to do in this, commenting on a popular website, answering a person’s questions, giving a link to their asked questions, giving advice & suggest. You can improve blog traffic by making forum submission like etc. It is also part of off-page SEO. This off-page SEO is the main advance SEO. I am going to tell you the best do-follow backlink site list so that off-page SEO can increase and traffic boosts.

Forum Submission sites DA PA PR
1 https://www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us 98 61 9
2 http://www.chronicle.com/forums 88 44 4
3 https://bbpress.org/forums 79 64 7
4 http://www.addthis.com/forum 100 57 8
5 http://stackexchange.com 10 4 7
  • Through Social Bookmarking Do Off-Page SEO to Viral your Content 

Social Bookmarking help to increase blog traffic. The content post is shared on the social bookmarking site. Many professional bloggers doing this method. Which makes traffic higher. I would like to recommend it to you. You must also share your content post on the bookmarking site. Even images, videos, posts can be shared. Social Bookmarking is one of the best ways to do off-page SEO.

For example, you can use Pinterest to share the image of your website. This is the most popular site. On which a blog image can increase traffic by pinning it to Pinterest. Search engines like google, bing, yahoo also index Pinterest site. After searching on google, the post published on Pinterest site also comes in search. Which will increase traffic and rank.

Apart from Pinterest site, you can also share on bookmarking sites like Diigo, Bibsonomy, Twinery.

  • Image Submission (Share the blog’s image)

Like I have told about sharing the content above. You can get traffic by socializing the image/photo on social media share. This is the best and best way. This is the best way to convert our image to traffic.

Let’s set the featured image of our blog post so that it can share the link as well as show the photo. Therefore, the thing is that the image that is made of the content can be brought to traffic from the image by sharing it on Pinterest, photo bucket, Picasa, flicker, like image media. Always keep in mind one thing in it. While the photo also shares the link with the image to bring traffic from photo media. Also, use a watermark with an image. As much as possible, the watermark must use the blog’s watermark in every picture. With this, visitors can access our blog website by seeing the watermark.

In this way, increase the traffic of the blog by using a watermark on that image and sharing it on the image media. I am going to tell you the name of the top image submission sites list. By sharing an image on which you can increase traffic with off-page search engine optimization. I am telling sites list with Alexa rank, Domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) –

S.N. image Submission Sites Alexa PA DA
1 http://picasa.google.com 1 87 100
2. https://www.facebook.com 3 97 100
3 https://www.imgur.com 47 93 91
4 https://www.instagram.com 18 96 98
5 https://www.tumblr.com 48 93 98
6 https://www.flickr.com 366 96 97
7. https://www.photobucket.com 947 80 88
  • Video submission

For your blog, submit a video tutorial or video. This too comes under off-page SEO techniques. making videos and sharing on youtube or video media, it is also considered an important part of off-page SEO. If you do not do the work of making a video, then at least you can make your blog information & Introduction short video. And you can upload it on youtube. Along with my suggestion website post, you can boost traffic on the blog by sharing videos on video sharing sites like youtube. Video can rank will improve along with blog posts.

Top Video Sharing Sites List

s.n. video sharing sites
1. http://www.youtube.com
2. http://www.dailymotion.com
3. http://www.veoh.com
4. http://www.vimeo.com
5. metacafe.com
6. vidmax.com
7. atom.com
  • Infographic Submission

infographic submission is also a submit site. It is like a local social media. Search engine optimization through its .infographic submission of social media is the best and best technique. They are integrated with data and information. By submitting on infographic submission, blog website and blog content posts can get a high rank. To do blog off-page SEO, submit blog traffic and google rank by submitting on infographic sites-

Best infographic submission websites list

S.N. website list DA PA PR
1. http://visual.ly 84 87 7
2. http://www.reddit.com/r/infographic 99 55 4
3. http://infographiclove.com 26 38 2
4. http://submit infographics.com 44 50 4


  • Document sharing site

Document sharing sites are also the best way. There is a way to convert the website page to pdf file in the document. In which the webpage can be a pdf file document and put it on the blog. With this, visitors can download and read offline.

Also, you can share the document file on online sites. Which visitors will like to come to our site. And the page rank on Google will increase. There will be a chance of increasing traffic on the blog. To share a document or pdf file on an online website, one has to share it on a separate site. I am telling you the name of the best top sites. By sharing on which you can increase the traffic of the website. Off-page SEO can increase.


Document Share Sites List





The conclusion

So I have to Explain about  Off-page SEO this is an important part of SEO, If you have some more questions regarding Off-Page SEO, then you can ask them in the comments section.

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