How to write a blog step by step

In this Tutorial, I will give you complete information about publishing New Post on How to write a blog. How you can publish your content on blogger. so you have to read this article.

How To Write a Blog step by step

There are some steps to write a good blog in starting.

Step : 1

Go to and log in with Google Account. Use your Gmail ID and Password to log in.Use the same gmail account that we have to  created blog website .

Step : 2

After logging into Blogger, the Blogger Dashboard will open in front of you. then you have to  click on New Post” option .

How to publish new post in blogger

Step : 3

When you click new post the you will see article writting dashboard as you seen below image the you have to write article .

How to publish new post in blogger steps
             Writting Dashboard





Step : 4

Below I have Explain you Where is Heading and where is Subheading and how to add image or how to add video on your blog Where is Article Title and more things .This is short things also  a more feature in Blogger Platform . after writting click on Publish”. then your article will publish and you can read your article to click on “Preview”.

How to publish new post in blogger 2020

Important Setting before publishing Blog post 

Blogger provides many more settings for new posts. Through which we can make blog posts more attractive and SEO Friendly and Custom Post Name, Comment Allow and Disallow etc. can be set. We are talking about all the post settings below.

  • Labels
  • Schedule
  • Permalink
  • Location
  • Option

Using Labels in New Post

Blogger uses Labels to handle posts thematically. We can also call them Labels as category. Therefore Labels are used to distribute posts by subject. So that readers will be able to find content easily.

Blog posts are easily available by using Labels and the topic on which the reader needs a post can be found quickly by Label. On the right side of the Post Editor, the Labels Box is available in Post Settings. By clicking on it, labels can be made for the blog.

What is Label in Blogger

Using Permalink for Post 

By Default Blogger keeps our post name as follows. Which is the choice of Blogger and not the author of the post. But if we want, we can keep Blog Post Name as per our choice.

Permalink Option is used to keep Blog Post Name as per your choice. Which is under the Schedule on the right side in Post Editor.

How to custom permalink in blogger

Search Description

Search Description is best option in blogger this option used for “SEO”  with this option you can get your website in google no.1 you can rank any article on google’s first page you have to do proper search description and writer proper this that google will understand

Search Description in blogger

The Conclusion

In this Tutorial, we have given you complete information about Create and Publish New Post on Blogger Blog. Did you know how to write New Post and how to post New Post? Apart from this, you have also learned about Blog Post Settings. We hope that this tutorial will be useful for you.

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