40 Ways to increase your website traffic organically

In Previous article I explained  the  top 5 ways to increase traffic  to drive traffic to your website, but as we know  U.S. And U.K.  the traffic of these countries are better converted for advertising and affiliate sales due to purchasing power of users of these countries.

I am sure that there are many of you who blogging for AdSense income and want traffic from specific countries. In this post, I will share with you some such ideas, that helps to promote your blog  that will  boost blog traffic that can  help you to improve traffic from target country.

Top 40 Best Tips Get traffic To My Website 

Top 40 Best Tips Get traffic To My Website 

1. Use SEO friendly URLs
2. Link the old article with the new article
3. Create High-Quality Backlinks
4. Move the site from HTTP to HTTPS
5. Optimize Title and Meta Descriptions
6. Do Not Stuffing Keyword
6. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly
7. Optimize Your Site Images
8. Enter your Main Keyword in the first 100 Words
9. Check the site’s Visibility Settings
10. Check the robots.txt file
11. Publish Fresh and New Posts regularly
12. Fix Broken Links on Blog
13. Check Errors in Google Webmaster Tools
14. Set up Nofollow Tag for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links
15. Increase your site’s DA
16. Heading Tags
17. Keep the URL of the post short
18. Buy Good Web Hosting
19. Use SEO Friendly Theme
20. Promote Post on Social Media after publishing
21. Use Social Share Button inside your post
22. Keep Your Site Design Clean and Simple
23. Share your Old Article on Social Media Site
24. Join Q&A Websites
25. Track Ranking Keywords of your website
26. Track Your Website Traffic and User Engagement
27. Add Image to Your Post
28. Make a Youtube Video for your content
29. Write a Trending Article on your blog
30. Create Email List
31. Create a Sitemap for your site
32. Use Cache Plugin
33.Use SEO Plugin
34.Set Category and Tag Page to Noindex
35.Set Author Archives to No-index
36. Use CDN in your webiste
37.Use Modifiers Word in Your Title
38. Use the Keyword related to Focus Keyword in the content
39.Maintain Keyword Density in Content
40. Do not use Website Traffic Generators Tools

1.Use SEO friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URL also belongs to On-Page SEO. SEO friendly helps to understand search engine of your post . Also try to make your URL short and readable.

The default URL structure of WordPress is not SEO friendly and looks something like this.


Follow Steps :- But don’t worry, you can easily make it SEO friendly. All you have to do is click on Settings >> Permalinks option and select “Post name“.


Safely Change WordPress Permalink Structure
If your site is very old, then leave it. Otherwise, any share URL you have will start showing 404 errors.

2. Link old article with new article

When you link an old article to your new article, it is called internal linking.

Internal-linking has many advantages:

  • Link juice passes.
  • Page views Let’s Boost.
  • Let’s reduce the bounce rate.
  • Makes your content more informative and user friendly.
  • Helps Google Crawl Your Site.
  • Your website SEO improves.

3.Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlink is Google rankings best factor that will help  to rank a content on the first page. It helps in increasing the domain authority, website traffic and website ranking of your site.

But bad / spammy / buy or low-quality backlinks can do a lot of damage to your website ranking. Google will not rank your site well in search results. That’s say, content  will not even be visible in the search result.

If you want to increase your website traffic, always try to create high-quality backlinks. 100 quality backlinks equals 1000 low-quality backlinks.

Backlinks can bring big changes in the traffic of your website.

4. Move the site from HTTP to HTTPS

Google still wants a more secure web. Therefore Google is using HTTPS as one of the ranking factors. Sites that have HTTPS enable are getting better rank in Google search results.

Better rank = More traffic

Google Chrome started showing Unsafe to sites that are still using HTTP. And when a visitor sees such an (Unsafe) message, they immediately exit from that site. As a result the website owner loses that traffic.

5.Optimize Title and Meta Descriptions

Always make your blog post Title Attractive and unique. Because in SERPs they have a significant impact on the visitor.

If your titles visitor doesn’t like it, the uses  will not click on your content. No matter how good your articles are.

Use 50–60 characters for the title. If you use more than 50–60 characters for your title, it will not be fully visible in the search results.

Also, add your main keyword at the beginning of the post title. It helps you to get good rank in search results. But keep in mind one thing, your keyword is low-competition and people search for that keyword.

Meta description is the text that appears below the title in search results. This helps to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) on your content.

Use your Main Keyword in Meta description too. Google usually allows writing 150–160 characters for a meta description.

6.Do not do Keyword Stuffing

When you  writing a content, if you put too much or forceful keyword in it, then it is called Keyword Stuffing. This creates a poor user experience on the reader under readability and Google does not like it at all.

If you think that filling keywords in the page will increase your website traffic, then you are thinking completely wrong. This has the opposite effect on your site. This strategy leads the site to a search penalty.

7.Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

There has been a huge increase in the number of mobile users and it has completely dominated the desktop search. Therefore Google is also using mobile friendliness as a ranking factor to improve the mobile user experience.

If your site is not mobile friendly, Google will reduce your site ranking for mobile search. Due to which your site will not be able to rank top in Google search result and you will lose a lot of traffic for your site.

You can use Mobile Testing Tool developed by Google to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not. If your site is not mobile friendly, then you need to install a Responsive WordPress theme on your site.

8.Optimize Your Site Images

Image can also help a lot in increasing your website traffic in 2020. So it is very important that you use proper name and ALT Tag for your site images. It helps you to get good traffic from image search.

Apart from this, if you use a lot of images on your blog or website, then it is very important to resize and compress them. This reduces your image size and improves your site load time.

Enter your Main Keyword in the first 100 Words
Use your main keyword / focus keyword once in the first 100 to 150 words of the article. This helps Google understand what your content is about.

Also, be sure to link important posts in the first few paragraphs of your site. This makes your content more SEO friendly and increases the chances of your content getting the top rank in search results.

9. Check the site’s Visibility Settings

WordPress comes with a built-in Search Engine Visibility setting that prevents search engine bots from having your website be Crawl & Index. If you accidentally check this option, the search engine will stop indexing and crawling your site. So your site will not appear in the search result.

To check this, log into your WordPress site and go to the Settings >> Readings page and uncheck the Search Engine Visibility option.

Search Engine Visibility
Search Engine Visibility

10. Check the robots.txt file

Robots.txt is a small text file found in the root folder of your site. This prevents search engine bots from crawling and indexing specific directories or pages of your site.

By customizing it you can improve both SEO and Ranking of your site. But a slight mistake in it can damage your site ranking.

11.Publish Fresh and New Posts regularly

Google gives more importance to blogs that publish posts regularly. This increases  your  ranking and blog reader. But your content should be informative and useful. Readers like to read blogs which publish content with new and unique idea every day.

If you publish 4 posts a week, but don’t publish anything the next week, your strategy is worse than publishing two posts a week.

12.Fix Broken Links on Blog

Broken Links (404 not found) on the blog affects both your ranking and user experience. If you have too many Broken Links on your site, Google will reduce crawling your site. The search engine (Google) will understand that the website owner does not maintain the site well.

13.Check Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Regularly check errors such as mobile issues, security issues and crawl errors occurring in Google Webmaster Tools. If you have too many Errors on your site, Google will crawl your site very slowly. To fasten the crawl process, fix those errors as soon as possible.

Take special care of the security issues encountered in Google Webmaster Tools. Reason: When Webmaster Tools notifies you of security issues but you do not take it seriously, Google will reduce your site’s ranking.

Therefore, this can also be a reason for traffic not coming to your site.

14.Set Nofollow Tag for Affiliate Links and Untrusted Links

Affiliate links and untrusted / spammy links damage your site’s ranking. If you add Affiliate Links and Untrusted links in your content, then definitely set rel = “nofollow” tag for them.

For this you can use the Ultimate Nofollow plugin. This plugin helps you get full control over the rel = “nofollow” tag in your blog and tells the search engine bots not to ‘follow’ the link.

Also, if you use a plugin to manage your blog’s Affiliate Links, you can easily set a No-Follow attribute for your Affiliate Links

15.Increase your site’s DA

Domain authority (DA) is a metric developed by Moz that reflects your site’s reputation. Higher domain authority sites rank higher in search engines and receive more traffic.

Domain authority is built on a scale of 1 to 100. You can check your site using DA Moz’s free tool, Open Site Explorer.

Quick tips to extend Domain Authority,

  • Publish Quality content.
  • On-Page SEO – Vital plays a role in increasing DA.
  • Internal Linking.
  • Create high-quality backlinks.
  • Disavow bad links.
  • Be patient and let your domain grow old.

16.Heading Tags

H1 tag helps search engines understand what your page is about and boost your ranking.

There are many WordPress themes in the market that do not use H1 tags for titles. If you use such a theme for your blog or website, then you should use the H1 tag for your title. Never use the H1 tag more than once.

Suppose you write a post whose length is 5000-6000 words but you haven’t used proper heading tags in it, then it will be difficult for the reader to read that post.

17.Keep post URL short

Create a short and readable URL for your post. Long URL search results are not fully visible. In addition, they look bad and make a bad impression on visitors.

Search engines (Google) prefer short URLs more and should also be descriptive.

18. Buy Good Web Hosting

A good web hosting is very important to increase your website traffic. If you make a mistake in choosing a Web Hosting, it will affect both your WordPress SEO and traffic.

The reason for this, most of the time your website will remain in downtime and your site will load very slowly.

19.Use SEO Friendly Theme

If you want to bring increase traffic on website, then it is very important to select a good WordPress theme. Since not all WordPress themes are SEO Friendly and their coding is also not good.

If you choose the wrong theme for your site, it affects both your page loading speed and SEO.

20.Promote the post on social media after publishing

Today every user engages with social media site. There will be a similar user who does not use the social media site.

So after publishing your post, do not forget to share it on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest…. These platforms can helps more to driving traffic to your website.

21.Use Social Share Button inside your post

Use the social share button below each of your posts or at the beginning of the post. So that readers can easily share your posts on their favorite social platform. This technique can also generate a lot of traffic on your website.

Social Share Button

22.Keep Your Site Design Clean and Simple

The design of the site makes a huge impression on the user. There are many wordpress themes in the market that give clean and simple design to your site. But there are many beginners who make their site so colorful that they seem to distract the reader’s attention.

Poor design reduces the number of visitors. Whereas a good design increases the number of visitors to the site and helps them find more content on the site.

23.Share your old article on Social Media Site

Share your old articles regularly on social media sites. It helps in increasing your website traffic. Also, your new blog reader gets to know about your old posts.

24.Join Q & A Websites

Q & A Websites can also be a good way to  website hits. After joining these sites, do not just add your website link for users’ questions. Add a link with a rather detailed answer.

Here is a list of some of the best Q & A Websites,

  • Quora
  • Mind the book
  • Amazon askville
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Stack overflow
  • LinkedIn Answers
  • Super User
  • Answers.com

25.Track Ranking Keywords of your website

After publishing the content on your website or blog, it is also a very important task to check ranking keywords. For this, you can use Google Search Console tool. Which is absolutely free and developed by Google.

This tool helps you to easily find ranking keywords on your site. In the next step you will have to monitor your competitor’s website. For this you will need SEMrush and Ahrefs tool. These tools provide detail insight about your competitor’s website.

26.Track your Website Traffic and User Engagement

When you start getting some traffic to your blog, track them from where those traffic is coming to your site?

After web traffic analysis all these datas, you can make a better plan and create content according to their needs for your website user. You can use Google Analytic Tool.

Apart from this, when the user asks a question in the comment section, then create a beautiful and informative article on it as well. There will be many other users like that user who are searching for the article for that question.

26.Add Image to your post

1 images are equal to 100 words. But the image should be related to your content. When you add images to your article, it makes your content even more attractive and useful.

But keep in mind one thing that you cannot use Google images. They are copyright protected and can later cause trouble.

You can download images for your blog from free stock image sites (FreeDigitalPhotos, MorgueFile, Pixabay, Pexels).

27.Guest Post on other top blogs

Guest post is also a very effective way to drive the traffic of your website. When you guest post on another top blog and when the visitor of that blog likes your post, then he will also visit your blog. This will increase views on your website. And at the same time, he may also become the reader of your blog.

Apart from this, you also get a Do-follow backlink by Guest post. Which improves both DA and Ranking of your site.

But keep in mind one thing, the blog on which you will guest post should be related to your blog niche.

While posting a guest, keep the following points in mind,

  • The site on which guests will post should have more DA and PA.
  • Post a guest on a blog related to your blog’s niche.
  • Guest post on popular blog.

28.Make a YouTube video of your content

YouTube is the most popular search platform after Google. There are many users who search on YouTube for their problem instead of Google search.

So you make a YouTube video of your content and upload it to YouTube. Put a link to the blog post in the description of your video. You may visit your blog by clicking on the link given in the visitor video description.

You have another benefit from this, you can earn a lot of money by making videos on YouTube.

29.Write a Trending Article on your blog

Write content on the related trending article from your blog niche. This can help you get more traffic.

If your blog ranks in the first page of Google on a trending article, your website or blog can easily get millions of traffic.

You can use Google Trends to find trending articles.

Google Trends to get more traffic

30.Create Email List

Email marketing can easily generate 20-30% traffic to your site. You can invite users to read your blog posts by email.

If you want to collect user’s email, then first you need to add a good Email Subscription box to your blog.

31.Create a Sitemap for your site

Sitemap does not boost your site traffic but helps search engine bots crawl your website content better and index them faster in search engines.

If you are using Yoast SEO or Jetpack on your site, they allow you to easily create an XML Sitemap.

32.Use Cache Plugin

The Cache plugin is very important for any WordPress site. The main goal of the Cache plugin is to improve the user experience by reducing the page speed of your site. This makes your site super fast and reduces the load on your server.

There are lots of Caching plugins available in WordPress.org. But W3 Total Cache is the best plugin among them which comes with features like page caching, browser caching, object caching, database caching and minification. Alternative to this you can use the WP Super Cache plugin.

33.Use SEO Plugin

SEO plugin makes your WordPress site even more SEO friendly site. This gives you full control over indexing. Apart from this, you can write a custom title and meta description for your content.

There are a lot of SEO plugins in the market for WordPress sites. But I would recommend you to Yoast SEO. This is a very popular and best SEO plugin for WordPress site. This helps you understand onPage optimization, that is, gives you suggestions for onPage optimization.

If you are a new blogger, then this plugin can prove to be perfect for you to optimize the content better. Here is a guide on Yoast SEO Settings.

Features of Yoast SEO

  • You can change the post’s SEO title and meta description.
  • Focus keyword can be provided for the article.
  • Allows creating a sitemap.
  • Can edit .htaccess and robots.txt file.
  • For taxonomies (category and tags) SEO can write title and meta
  • [Premium] Redirect manager
  • [Premium] Automatic internal linking suggestions
  • [Premium] Synonyms & related keyphrases
  • [Premium] offers News SEO, Video SEO, Local SEO and WooCommerce SEO extensions

34.Set Category and Tag Page to Noindex

If you index category and tag pages in search engine, then these pages can cause duplicate content issue in search engine for your site.

This can reduce both your website traffic and ranking. Even Google can penalize your site

35.Set Author Archives to No-index

If you are the owner of a single-author blog, then keep it disabled. Because the content that will be on the Author Archives page, the same content will also appear on your homepage and will lead to duplicate content issue.

You can use the WordPress SEO plugin (Yoast SEO) to disable or no-index author pages.

36.Use CDN in your website 

CDN improves your site performance. It creates a Cache version of the content of your site on its servers and serves the content to the users through the servers that are closest to the user’s locations. This reduces your server load and improves website loading speed.

There are many CDN services available in the market. Currently, I use CloudFlare CDN on my site. It is a very popular CDN service that also provides SSL in the free plan.

37.Use Modifiers Word in Your Title

Words like 2019 “,” best “,” guide “,” checklist “,” fast “and” review “are called modifier words. These make your title attractive as well as give a good impression on the user. If you use these words in your title, your chances of clicking content increases.

38.Use Keyword related to Focus Keyword in content

If you use only focus keywords in your content, then it is not good according to On-Page SEO. Use the related keyword from the focus keyword in it as well. So that search engines can understand your content better and rank it on the first page.

39. Maintain Keyword Density in Content

The keyword density in any post should be 1.5% – 2%. If your content is short (700 words) and you use your focus keyword very often (10 or 11 times), then it is not good according to SEO. Your content will never rank in Google and it will be treated by Google as spam content.

It is better to use focus / main keyword again and again, you use related / LSI keywords in your content.

40.Do not use Website Traffic Generators Tools

If you use any type of Traffic Exchange website or tool to increase your website traffic, then you should stop it immediately.

Traffic Exchange severely affects the ranking of your site. Google can blacklist your site.

Apart from this, if you have placed Google Adsense ads on your blog or website, then your Adsense account will be disabled.

So if you are using Traffic Generators Tools to increase your website or blog traffic, then stop it now.


The strategy I told you here will help grow  your website traffic 100%. But you cannot boost your traffic overnight. This is a long time process. You have to be patient in this.

But keep in mind one thing Quality content is very important. If you use all these techniques on your site but do not pay attention to the quality content, then all your hard work is useless. Google will not rank your content well in search result and your website will not be able to get traffic from search engine.

->Which methods do you use to increase your blog or website traffic? You can tell in the comment box.

->If I have missed any strategy to increase traffic on website, then you can tell me in the comment.

If this article has proved helpful for you, then don’t forget to share it!

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