Difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a strategy used to rank higher in search engines. Black hat SEO focuses only on search engines. It gives quick results, but it also has the opposite effect over time. Your ranking will be reduced and your site or blog will be completely blacklisted.

White hat SEO, better known as good  SEO. It refers to the techniques and strategies that target the visitor.

What are the best SEO Techniques in Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

When a new blogger first reads about “Backlinks” to improve their website ranking, they purchase backlinks from any of the Low-Quality websites. And later they come to know that these links are from Spam websites which instead of improving your ranking makes them worse. Even Google penalizes its site.

So always remember that there is no shortcut to improve website ranking. This is a slow process but that will help to grow.

Black hat SEO is a technique that is not preferred for any site and is considered wrong in the world of SEO.

“Only white hat SEO techniques are used in the blogging world and it is considered the best and the best.”

What is the difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO?

Some rules are followed in SEO, and they apply to all major search engines, they are called white hat SEO.

But some people use white hat SEO as spam so that after some time it takes the form of Black Hat SEO and the search engine also blacklist them.

One example of the wrong use of white hat SEO is to create backlinks. Guest posting and article directory submission used in blogging are almost closed due to backlink building.

If you use Blackhat SEO techniques on your blog, they will not work for long and your blog may also be blacklisted by search engines.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

There are many Blackhat SEO techniques in blogging which is considered wrong by SEO professionals and it is also wrong to use it in SEO.

1. Keyword Stuffing
Most SEO professionals prefer 2-2.5% keyword density for any content. If you use more keywords in your content then it will also be considered as Keyword Stuffing. This creates a bad user experience for the reader.

2. Low-Quality Pages
Low-quality pages are called pages that are not informative but are filled with keywords, that is, keyword stuffing is done.

3. Hidden Texts and Links
Texts and links are hidden on your site or blog. It is not visible to the visitor, but search engines can read it easily. This technique is mostly used by hackers.

4. Content Scraping
Republishes content on your site through RSS feed is called content scraping. Google does not like such blogs at all and penalizes them.

5. Automated Comment Spam
If you run a blog, you may have seen comment spam. These are automated comments that often include keywords and spammy links.

Note:- Spam comments can reduce your search ranking. So use the nofollow tag for the link in your comment.

White Hat SEO Techniques

The technique used to improve the ranking of a website or blog is called white hat SEO techniques. And which is recommended by all SEO professionals.

1. Good quality content
Quality content is very important for any website. So always publish quality content, which is informative and helpful.

2. Avoid Copy Content
Do not publish copies of content on your blog. Provide original content to visitors. This is very important for your ranking.

3. Follow the Search Engine Guidelines
If you do not follow the search engine guidelines, then it is very difficult to achieve success in the online world.

I hope you have clearly understood the difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO.


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