How to create a blog step by step | Learn Blogger Dashboard Uses

How to make a blog website step by step

How to create a blog step by step

Creating a blog is very easy on You can make your own website by following steps . In this 2nd tutorial we will tell you how to make a free blog on

How to creata a blog?

There are 7 Easy steps to make a blog

  1.   First go to
  2.   Click on Create a Blog.
  3.   Sign in with Google Account.
  4.   Write a Blog Title.
  5.   Write Blog Name and Write Description.
  6.   Click on Create Blog.
  7.   Go to  View blog and see the blog. Your blog has been created.


Step: 1

Visit  official website of Blogger. To go to the blogger’s website or  type into the address bar of the browser. Or you can also go to Blogger by clicking on the button below.

Step:  2

When you open First time you will show a home page there will an option “Create Your Blog” click on this button and “Sign in” with your gmail.

Step:  3

When you will click on sign in button after you will display enter gmail account & password” login with your gmail .

Step:  4

After entering the password, you will be signed in as soon as you enter it and the form to create a website will open in front of you. In which you have to fill the following four information.Fill tilte of your website and then choose your website blog address like as Below,

Title – First of all, you have to write the name of your free website in the Title field. The name you want to keep. Like Title of My Blog ” Title :- Blogspace- Learn Blogging

Address – After this, in the Address field, you have to choose the URL of the website. This URL will be the real name of your website and this is how Google or other search engines will identify it. Whatever this type can be,Address :-” 

Theme – Now choose a great theme from the themes available for your free website. Themes affect the appearance of your website. So choose a great theme for your website.

Create blog! – When you have done all the above three tasks and once again after matching, the bottom button will be created. Create your website by clicking on

Create a blog


Step:  5

Congratulation! Your free blog has been created. when you will done succecsfull  everything you will show this type of  Dashboard  as you can see below .

Create successfull Blogger dashboard

Blogger Dashboard 

When you logged in via Google account on for the first time. Then the screen that appears in the first time is called Dashboard. Dashboard serves as Navigatar and Controller for users.

The Dashboard can also be called a Tool Box. Because all those tools are made available in it. With the help of which Blogs can be managed. Blogs can be easily controlled, managed and customized with the help of the features available in the dashboard.

Blogger Dashboard Tool List

There are 16 most usefull Tools in Blogger Dashboard
Like all other CMS, Blogger also provides Dashboard to its users. So that they can manage their Blogs.

Blogger Dashboard is very simple and its interface is also user friendly. And at one place all the necessary tools become available to the users.

  1. Google Apps – Through this button you can use other Google Apps. Such as Gmail, Youtube, My Account etc. To use them, click on Apps Icon and click on the App you want to use.
  2. Notifications – This is the Notifications Button. Where you get the notifications received for
  3. Google Account – This picture is of your Google account. The Google account you are using for Photos from the same account appear here. By clicking on it, you can manage Google account.
  4. Blog Name – The blog you are currently working on. It shows his name.
  5. Blog Selector – This is the Down Arrow Button, with the help of which you can see the Blog List and choose the blog.
  6. New Post – Through this button you can create New Post directly.
  7. User Name – Here the User Name appears which you have written in Google Account. And the same name appears in your profile.
  8. Filters and Labels – With this option, you can filter before searching and only search related to a particular topic.
  9. Search Box – This is a search box. You can search through this.
  10. View Blog – Through this button you can view your blog as a reader.
  11. Left Menu – This is the most important part for Blogger. Because the tools available here are the most useful.
    Posts – Through this option, all types of posts available on the blog can be seen. And from here they can also be edited, delete, publish.
    Stats – All data related to the blog are available here. Such as Pageviews, Users etc.
    Comments – All comments made on the blog post can be checked from here.
    Earnings – Through this option you can use Google AIDS on the blog.
    Pages – From here you can manage pages for the blog. Can publish, edit and delete them.
    Layout – Some additional features for the blog are available here.
    Themes – Blog appearance is controlled by this feature.
    Settings – From here you can make blog settings.
  12. Create a new post – You can also write a new post through this button.
  13. Navigation – It helps you to see new and old posts here.
  14. Number Indicator – Shows how many items you want to see on a page. You can do this more or less from this.
  15. Reading list – Here the names and posts of other blogs followed by users are shown.
  16. Help – If you need some help with Blogger, you can get help through Help.

The Conclusion

In this tutorial, we have given you complete information about how to create a blog on Blogger. You have learned step by step how to make a blog and I have also Explain about Blogger dashboard  tools . I hope you will understand everything if you have any query comment on below.

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